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Family Ties

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Welcome to the Brunner/Macey family genealogy site. I am your web host Debbie Brunner. There are five major families contained within this site, Brunner, Macey, McKague, Oberholtzer and Yuswack.

Below you will find links to Brunner family and Macey family genealogy, family histories, Photos, Links pages, and a contact link. 

New to my site I added a surname search to make it easier to find the people you are looking for.

Please feel free to contact me about any corrections, additions or bad links you may find. Also please don't forget to sign my guest book and leave a message for me or for others who may help in your research.

Also includes the McKagues of County Cavan and Oberholtzer Families.
Also includes the Yuswack Family
Family histories of the Brunners, Maceys, McKagues and Yuswacks.
Here you will find some family pics as well as pics of family gravestones.
These links are to other family websites, genealogy resources I have used, as well a few none genealogy links.
Email me any corrections, updates or any errors you may encounter. Please include the name of the family site you are referring to as there are 5 families involved and I need to know which family the correction is for.
Surname Search

Please sign my guest book and let me know what you think